In present energy drinks are increasingly sought and consumed by active people, especially by young people, exposed daily to physical and intellectual demands, like sports exercise, office work or requesting nights before exams. All energy drink have in commun caffeine found in caffe, tea, chocolate or taurine found in energy drinks on the romanian market in recent years.

4Energy is a refreshing drink that combines harmoniously caffeine, taurine and vitamins, to restore the vitality to the body needs, to overcome demanding situations. So in 4energy we found:
      Caffeine: is one of the oldest stimulation used by people. Caffeine has beneficial efects on body, stimulate the psychological and physiological functions, improving the reaction speed and vigilance.
      Taurine : is known for the large amount of energy that the body needs. The benefits of taurine in the body:regulate the temperature when is too hot or too cold, reduce stress, increase your performance, helps detoxify your body.
      Vitamins: are organic chemicals needed in small quantities for the body to be health, ensure a good functioning of the body, also improve mental performance.

Any demanding activity you have, you find the energy drink that you need.


4Energy is distributed in many countries in EU and not only.
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The Story

Produced in the EU, 4Energy drink has more energy, more taurine, more caffeine because is more than an energy drink. 4Energy is your daily dose of stimulation for a new and a full of fun day.

For best energy take 4Energy!


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